"As I recount in my book Reaching for the Moon, my life's journey was filled with magic and wonder. In Once Upon a Blue Moon, S.E. Blakeslee captures the same kind of magic. He weaves a fairy tale that ignites the imagination and encourages young children everywhere to uncover the mysteries of this world and beyond"
     - Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11

"Just the whimsical cover of this charming book is sure to captivate children before they even open it. Two happy kids with huge smiles provide an immediate clue that this will be a fun read.

Inside, every page is lush and appealing. The oversized text and fun pictures bounce off the page. The full-page, amusing illustrations and delightful verse can entertain children of any age; and the element of mystery keeps kids turning the pages to find out what happens next.

This is the perfect "before bed" book for parents to read with their kids. The sweet story, though a fairy tale, provides a perfect opportunity for practical application. Parents can use the book as a springboard to discuss with children compassion for other (like the boy who wishes to help his sick friend), gladness for the good fortune of another, and the concept that true love helps others.

Once Upon a Blue Moon would make a great gift for any child who believes wishes can come true."
     - Marsha Jordan, hugsandhope.org

'Once Upon a Blue Moon' by S.E. Blakeslee will take you on an INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE - So Hang On!

The cover of the book is well designed and two words describes it - "Adventurous Fun"


Once Upon a Blue Moon was an EXCELLENT read! Freddy kept me engaged as he worked his magic to make the little boy's wish come true by healing the sick little girl. Freddy then took both the boy and the girl on an adventure that left both of them amazed and Freddy, the boy and the girl became best friends for life.

I fell in love with the illustrations in the book and throughout the book I could not wait to see what the next illustration was on the next page - The illustrations were unique and different (WAY COOL) from any other book that I have ever read & the title captures you!

I am going to take the book to my classroom and let my teacher read it to the other students."
     - Ten-year old author of Riding the Storm Out, McKenna Andrews

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"While it has been out for less than a year, it is a story that deserves status as a children's classic." - Epinions.com

"This is the perfect "before bed" book for parents to read with their kids." - Amazon.com

"...a book to delight children and parents alike..." - Kfir Luzzatto, Author

"Ignite your child's imagination to new heights" - Columbus Parent Magazine

"...an uplifting tale" - Bookpleasures.com

"Blakeslee has created a vividly striking picture book." - Childrenspicturebooks.info

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