Eva Roberts, Publisher
Eva Roberts grew up in North Carolina in the Research Triangle Park area. After graduate school, she moved to New England and spent the next 17 years in the northeast working as a college professor and a graphic designer focused primarily on publication work. In 1991, she returned to North Carolina with her husband and 2 young daughters in tow to join the faculty of the East Carolina University School of Art & Design. Today she is a Professor Emeritus and continues to teach classes on a limited basis.

Eva came to publishing through a love of words and books. While teaching graphic design, Eva spent 6 years working as Art Director of the North Carolina Literary Review. As the title suggests, The NCLR was an academic journal. The original editor, however, brought an open-minded eclecticism and an inclusive approach to literature and culture. Together they created a book-length journal that explored both content and presentation. The NCLR garnered dozens of awards, some from the most prestigious of design competitions. This experience of collaborating to craft content and visuals into a compelling experience for the reader proved to be good training for her current role as Publisher of Blaumond Press.

Sue Vogan, Assistant Publisher
Sue Vogan is a native of Ohio. She has been in North Carolina since December 2004 and joined Blaumond Press in 2007. Sue is the former editor of Suite 101, known as the curious reader’s destination for art and science. This interactive online magazine has offered both expert and reader commentary on hundreds of subjects for over 10 years. Her diverse interests have led to numerous roles, among them, being a radio host and a journalist for Public Health Alert newspaper. Sue’s career has been long and varied. She is a published author and as such, she brings a distinct perspective and a wealth of information to Blaumond Press.

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