by S.E. Blakeslee
At Blaumond Press, we are committed to encouraging children to read and explore the world around them. Blaumond Press is pleased to announce the release our first book, Once Upon a Blue Moon by S.E. Blakeslee. Since curiosity is the foundation of exploration, Once Upon a Blue Moon introduces a most curious creature, the enigmatic Freddy.

Early literature was an oral tradition—meant to be heard—as is poetry. And we know from research that rhymes help children learn to read. So Once Upon a Blue Moon is told in rhyme to begin The Chronicles of the Blue Moon where the unfolding mystery of Freddy, his origins and forms, will take children on adventures around the world to explore various themes of culture, history, science and nature. Ultimately we hope to nurture a desire for discovery in children and in doing so, launch them on a lifelong quest for knowledge.

This book is a first in many ways. With a nod to the earliest picture books, Once Upon a Blue Moon is printed in nine spot colors, all shades of blue with a variety of additional surface treatments to enhance the visual quality of the illustrations. In this beautifully illustrated book, the artist makes use of contemporary tools to mimic age-old processes. That Once Upon a Blue Moon is printed in flat inks rather than the typical four-color process allows for distinctively brilliant hues that would not be possible otherwise. We’ve used this unique printing technique to create a memorable, limited edition book that we believe makes a unique contribution to the artistic history of illustrated children’s literature.

PUBLISHING DATE: November, 2006
HARDCOVER, 32 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9789031-0-7
ISBN-10: 0-9789031-0-2


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