Once upon a time there was a small group of friends who were looking for something. Something meaningful and important and personal too. They came from creative and academic backgrounds and they shared a passion for words and images. They had a healthy respect for both order and chaos. They were all parents, but they were kids too. They believed in books, not televisions. They knew the future belongs to children and they wanted to make a small contribution to that future. They had collaborated in the past and they were looking for an outlet to do it all over again. And that is how Blaumond Press was born.

Welcome to the home of Blaumond Press. We're a small independent publisher of children's titles based in Greenville, North Carolina. We're not going to lie to you, we're just getting started. In 2006 we published our first book and secured the rights to publish six more. We're taking our time because we want to get it right and because we believe that in time we will make a difference.

We want to publish stories that fire the imagination. Stories that remind a child that a book is four dimensional and can be experienced with six senses. We want to publish books that are both hard and easy, simple and complex. We don't want to educate children. We want to compel them. We want to put them on a path that has no end but countless possibilities. For us, it's about the journey and we're just getting started. We hope you'll join us.

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